Yoga for wellness.

Practicing yoga makes you feel good!   It’s relaxing.    It’s energizing.    It’s strengthening.        It changes your perspective.          

 Yoga is a journey that encourages our body’s to become healthier, fitter, leaner and stronger and our mind to experience clarity, focus and tranquility. And most importantly, yoga makes us curious about our bodies! It brings awareness, so we can pay attention to what is happening on the inside, both physically and mentally. It teaches us to listen to our bodies; it teaches us how to nourish ourselves; it gives us the awareness to acknowledge when something in our bodies is not right.
Yoga essentially teaches us how to take responsibility for our own health.

Set in a natural bushland setting, The Yoga Room is a small studio offering yoga classes tailored to the students needs, whilst the small class sizes allow for individual attention.
Each yoga class works on the whole – body, mind and soul.

Are you as healthy as you’d like to be?      Do you feel stressed or tense?
Need more time for yourself?      Yoga may be just the thing you need.

 The Studio                     

The Yoga Room is quiet, peaceful & spacious, surrounded by nature. There is plenty of parking at the door and the room is carpeted, heated and well ventilated, with change room on site. All props and equipment are supplied.


The Yoga Room is surrounded by nature in the Southern Highlands’ northern village of Colo Vale. Situated in the grounds of Wariapendi Nursery, and just 30 seconds from the freeway, it is a short drive
from Mittagong, Bowral, Yerrinbool, Bargo, Hilltop, Balmoral, Buxton, Tahmoor and the surrounding towns in the north of the shire.


“Enter Judy Walker’s Yoga Room and the unwinding process begins. Fragrant incense, candles, birdsong and the subtle tones of Indian-style music allow your body and mind to relax and prepare for the class ahead.  Every week Judy presents a different class, focusing on particular parts of the body, and explaining clearly the benefits to be gained from the practice.  With a gentle voice and encouraging teaching style, Judy guides us through poses and movements adjusted to each person’s physical abilities, followed by deep relaxation.  For the first time in my life, I have been inspired to practice yoga daily at home, and I thank Judy for stimulating my commitment.”   Helen A.

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