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My yoga classes are based on the principles of Hatha Yoga, a style of yoga to improve fitness, strength and flexibility. I have a background in
education and have been practicing yoga for over 35 years, and I now guide students on their yoga journey at The Yoga Room in the Southern Highlands.

The yoga @ The Yoga Room ideally suits those who prefer a more gentle approach, learning gentle yoga postures called “Asanas” and developing breath energy called “Prana”. And at the close of each practice you are guided into ”Savasana” or deep relaxation/ meditation to quieten and strengthen the mind and body. This style of yoga suits those searching for physical / emotional balance and full body rejuvenation.

The peaceful and nurturing environment allows for individual student care and attention as you are guided therapeutically to different areas of the body.
My students range in age from 15 to 75 and your individual needs are respected to allow you to experience yoga in the best way that works for you.

Judy is a member of Yoga Australia and The Australian Association of Yoga Therapists and has studied Yoga Therapy, Silver Age Yoga which caters to the senior population and post natal yoga.
As our population lives longer, yoga can give us the tools to help us support our aging bodies both physically and mentally.

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